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"Central jBPM (enterprise) with remote access from managing apps"

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I'm new to jBPM, and I'm reading a manual plus many guides on the web, and there are some questions that come to my mind.

I know I can incorporate jBPM in a web application, standalone application. That is quite awesome and feels good to have such wide options available.

But let's look into this specific scenario, and the best practices to implement it:

I want to implement severam processes in a company. I want to be able to execute them, and to have a web frontend. Let's imagine that I'll have 1 specific webapp for each process, to make it hard  :) .

So I can develop each webapp, with included jBPM, and each one will have a database with webapp specific tables, and jBPM specific tables. That is the way I can develop them all.

But I'm interested in another approach ... I want ONE instance of jBPM running, with a dedicated database, hibernate config, etc ... I'll deploy ALL enterprise processes in there. Central jBPM processing. Period.

Then, I'll develop each webapp, let's say in isolated EARs, and each one will connect to the central jBPM repository and list their processes, start them, signal them, etc ...

That central jBPM EAR would be responsible to display the console that,  for admin purposes, would allow us (admins) to deploy the process xml  and manage process "versions", or check their status, or even display  some statistical info.

Is there something already available for the job? I mean, an EAR that allows to work with jBPM via Webservice invocations, or remote EJB invocations, to mimic the service api I can use "locally"?



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