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"Problem of jboss server starting on connection failover"

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I am working on failover condition of a datasource.

When a request comes, if primary datasource is not available then the request should go to the secondary datasource without restarting the jboss server.

I have added ha-local-tx-datasource in *-ds.xml

*   <jndi-name>HADefaultDS</jndi-name>        

*    <!-- list of connection URLs -->        

*    <connection-url>jdbc:oracle:thin:@oraclehost:1521:SID|jdbc:oracle:thin:@oraclehost:1521:SID2         

*    </connection-url>         

*    <url-delimiter>|</url-delimiter>

* </ha-local-tx-datasource>


* Problem m facing is, i have to restart the jboss server in case of 1st datasource +connection fails. I want to rid of manual server startup.+

* +Please suggest me how to send the request on secondary datasource transparently.         +

+Thanks in advance.+


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