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"starting up jBPM 4.3"

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I'm starting to use jBPM, and I'm trying to setup my environment. I'm having some troubles, any help solving would be appreciated.

I'm not a JBoss expert, so I'm learning it as I'm moving through the process.

I've downloaded jboss-5.1.0.GA, extracted to a specific directory, say c:/x/jboss-5.1.0.GA, and that would be my application server location.

I already have MySQL 5.1.22 running on default port 3306.

I've also downloaded jbpm-4.3, and extracted it to say c:/jboss/jbpm-4.3. As I want to learn things the hard way  :) , instead of just trying to install a demo, I just went to the install directory and looked into build.xml file. Then I started changing and executing targets:

*[Step A] Database schema*

I created a jbpm4 schema in mysql database, with a specific user proper permissions. I updated the jbpm-4.3/install/jdbc/mysql.properties accordingly.

Instead of passing a parameter, I just changed database property:

<property name="database" value="mysql" /> <!-- {hsqldb | mysql | oracle | postgresql} -->

Then I executed "ant create.jbpm.schema".

Build succesfull, and I've checked that the schema contained the (empty) tables required by jbpm engine.

*[Step B] Installing jBPM*

I wanted to execute "install.jbpm.into.jboss" target, so I've changed the "jboss.home" parameter:

<property name="jboss.home" value="c:/x/jboss-5.1.0.GA" />

Since I have jboss installed, I didn't change any other parameters.

I executed "ant install.jbpm.into.jboss".

The build was successfull.

*[Step C] Creating some users*

Don't know if they are needed at this point, but I just looked into "load.example.identities" target, and checking that it executes the "${jbpm.home}/install/src/demo/example.identities.sql", I opened the script to see it.

It is a simple script, so I just executed it manually against the schema. Success.

So far so good ... I learned something, and setup was running great.

Then the problems came, and so my questions.

I started JBoss with "ant jboss.start" to make things easier, apparently startup was successfull.

*1#* Accessing  http://localhost:8080/admin-console/ http://localhost:8080/admin-console/ (after authentication) displays the WAR projects: gwt-console-jbpm.war, gwt-console-server-jbpm.war, jbpmeditor.war.

When accessing  http://localhost:8080/jbpm-console/ http://localhost:8080/jbpm-console/ I can see the login screen, but I cannot access it, with any of the users I inserted into the database.

Maybe some other user? What is the default one, and where can I see those definitions?

*2#* Accessing the jbpm editor which has the context root jbpmeditor (I've checked in jboss console), through  http://localhost:8080/jbpmeditor/ http://localhost:8080/jbpmeditor/ will give me a "HTTP Status 404 - /jbpmeditor/" error.

Restarting the application displays no errors on ".../server/default/log/*.log" files.

What am I missing here?

Any help appreciated.



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