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"About jBPM components in 3.2.6 to 4.3"

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Hello Huisheng

Thanks for the reply and sorry for my delay

> I don't know what could be done in the node. So I will make some guess.
Well such item component appear  http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/nightly-docs/en/jboss_jbpm_ref_guide/html/Quick_Howto_Guide.html#d0e1343 here see the *+menu item components+* (+Figure 7.2. The Properties View of the selected Task Node+)

> Maybe the node is equals as the TaskActivity, So both of them could create a Human Task and wait the task being completed.
> Maybe the node is a container of other Activity, So it is equals as the GroupActivity. But I think the super-state is more like the GroupActivity.
No is neither TaskActivity nor GroupActivity

> If you could show more details of the node, I think I could make better guess

According to the book, such node is (see page 113 if you or some friend have the book)

>  Note the icon inside the node rectangle, a gear, *is used to represent the node functionality*, meaning that the base functionality for a Node is the generic work to be done, which can probably be represented with a piece of Java code.



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