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"HornetQ RA integration"

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Jesper, I don't follow the connection between the question we are posing at the spec. excerpt that you cite. Can you elaborate?

Let me summarise the problem again, it's in two parts:

We're considering the case, where a managed connection has been used as part of a local transaction, then that's completed and it's returned to the pool.

The same connection is then retrieved from the pool, getXAResource is called, but it's not enlisted in any JTA tx.

The user then sends some messages using this connection. (There is actually a TCK test that tests this)

How should that connection behave?

According to the previous discussion it should behave as a non transacted session, however that was for the case when the connection was previously used as part of another JTA tx, in this case the connection has been used as part of a local tx.

In this case should the connection also act as a non transacted session, like in the XA case?


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