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"Mail template for custom MailProducer"

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> By the way, most user only create create a custom MailProducer to bypass the requirement of the default MailProducerImpl that mail recepients  need to exist in the Indentity tables.
> ~~~~~~
> List<User> users = identitySession.findUsersById(userIds);
> ~~~~~
> Don't quite understand that, especially if I want the workflow to trigger an email to an external customer.
The code you indicate is guarded by a condition:
String userList = fromTemplate.getUsers();
if (userList != null) {
  String[] userIds = tokenizeActors(userList, execution);
  List<User> users = identitySession.findUsersById(userIds);
  email.addFrom(resolveAddresses(users, addressResolver));

If you don't need users and groups from the identity tables, your template should only specify the *addresses* attribute to enumerate recipients. Avoiding the *users* and *groups* attributes also prevents access to the identity session. However, since you have looked at the source code you probably knew this already - am I missing something?


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