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[14:07] <jpederse> asaldhan: so can I pass a null string as securityDomainName to createSecurityContext ?
[14:07] <asaldhan> jpederse: pass any dummy
[14:08] <jpederse> asaldhan: k, but I''m not seeing any setPrincipal() / setCredential() on SubjectInfo
[14:09] <asaldhan> jpederse: did u set it on SecurityContextAssociation?
[14:10] <jpederse> asaldhan: how ? It only takes the SecurityContext
[14:11] <jpederse> asaldhan: also; do I need the SecurityContextAssociation part at all ? I just need the Subject as a local variable
[14:11] <jpederse> asaldhan: this is not run in a context of something
[14:12] <jpederse> asaldhan: Its "ManagedConnection mc = mcf.createManagedConnection(subject, null)"
[14:14] <asaldhan> jpederse: but the creation of subject has to go through authentication.  So at that time, the subjectfactory will look at the SCA for the latest SC and picks username/cred from there. After you have the subject, u then pass it to MCF
[14:14] <asaldhan> jpederse: so u need to do the SCA/SC/princ/cred
[14:15] <jpederse> asaldhan: k, then I just need to find the place where I input my username and password strings
[14:16] <jpederse> asaldhan: as the securityDomainName is null
[14:16] <asaldhan> jpederse: I have told u the sequence, I think u will have to figure out where to do the necessary things.  The SDN should not be null. U r probably doing it wrong someplace
[14:17] <jpederse> asaldhan: look at my latest post - there isn't a security-domain configured in the -ds.xml
[14:17] <asaldhan> jpederse: there are two pieces:  security to check whether u can create a subject. Once u have a subject, u pass it to the MCF.  The MCF deals with the EIS.
[14:17] <jpederse> asaldhan: that is the common case for AS
[14:18] <asaldhan> jpederse: in that case, it probably just defaults to "other"
[14:18] <jpederse> asaldhan: yes, and I need the create the Subject - based on the information from the two use-cases
[14:18] <jpederse> asaldhan: I'm not talking about application-policy's
[14:18] <asaldhan> jpederse: if u have the AS setup, try debugging and seeing what the SD is for the case when -ds.xml does not have SD.
[14:18] <asaldhan> jpederse: the security domain translates to app policy
[14:19] <asaldhan> jpederse: SD = app policy defs
[14:19] <jpederse> asaldhan: yeah, I know - so it is probably the "other" case
[14:19] <asaldhan> jpederse: best is to debug the classic ds.xml usecases.[14:20] <jpederse> asaldhan: yeah, that would be the next thing
[14:21] <jpederse> asaldhan: and what about the principal / credential case ? I need to plug them in where ?
[14:22] <asaldhan> jpederse: dont know how the current ds setup does it.


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