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"Newbie: ORB Notify Channel Source JCA"

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Hi Guys,

I've created a small JCA Source that is connecting to a Corba Notification channel as push. The connector itself works fine but I guess that I've missed something basilar into ORB setup.
With a fresh start of Jboss I can see the banner of Jacorb initialization and my project is receiving messages from channel.

However when I stop my project and restart it I can see the Jacorb banner twice (as the ORB object has been initialized twice).

Beside implementation details I'm creating ORB instance into endpoint activation using:

ORB orb = ORB.init(new String[0], properties)

and then calling the following:



into endpointdeactivation.

I'm pretty sure that I've missed something basilar here but at the moment I'm brain dead.
Any help or RTFM (but let me know which one) would be appreciated  :) 

Regards Claudio.

PS I'm on JBoss 4 and using Jacorb 2.3.1


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