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"jBPM 4 is dead?"

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I don't understand why you would have used jBPM 4 for production projects without realizing there is no Enterprise support for it. You get what you see, an open source project with no assurances of anything going forward. In this way of working you are dependent on the community for all future direction, communication and support.

Jboss.org is a hosting location, but the Products that come from here are the ones you want to look at for Enterprise support in your production environments. Go over to jboss.com for these. There you have assurances that the Product versions will be supported for 7 years going forward. If you use the last released versions of jBPM (v3.2.x) in the JBoss SOA-P Product you will be sure up to 2017. Sorry for the short sales-ish stuff, but it is just to clarify the point.

All that being said, jBPM5 planning is to get it into some shape that can be moved into a Product and appear on jboss.com in a product form, including Enterprise support.

I am about to post my reaction to the request for comments. I have a long history with jBPM v3 as an enterprise developer before joining Red Hat, watch for it.

I personally think that a lot of jBPM 4 will be leveraged moving towards the future, but in what form is the question as it needs to be completed in many areas (as you have all stated repeatedly). So get out there and reply to the request for comments and let them know what you like and want from the existing jBPM 4 if that is what you need. This is the fastest way to help Kris get a roadmap out for jBPM5.

Even better, offer to help to create jBPM5. It is community developers that should make their voices heard here anyway!


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