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"ClassPool bootstrap refactoring"

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AbstractMCServerBase now does (once it is working properly I will move the extra code to LifecycleEventListeners)

   protected void doInitialize() throws IllegalStateException, InvalidConfigurationException, LifecycleEventException
      // NEW CODE - 1

       * Make sure we have the correct classpools set up  

      //Initialize jboss-reflect to use the correct classpools
      JBossClClassPoolConfig config = JBossClClassPoolConfig.getInstance();
      RepositoryClassPoolFactory factory = new RepositoryClassPoolFactory(config.getClassPoolRepository());
      // NEW CODE - 1 - END

       * We need to start the bootstrap here so we can set the kernel

       * before we fire start kernel events 

      // Call Super implementation
      // NEW CODE - 2
      //Install the bean configuring the classpools
      BeanMetaDataBuilder builder = BeanMetaDataBuilder.createBuilder("JBossClClassPoolConfig", JBossClClassPoolConfig.class.getName());
      ValueMetaData inject = builder.createContextualInject(null, null, AutowireType.BY_NAME, InjectOption.CALLBACK);
      //TODO add name to BeanMetaDataBuilder
      builder.addPropertyMetaData("classLoading", inject);
      catch (Throwable e)
         // AutoGenerated
         throw new RuntimeException(e);
      // NEW CODE - 2 - END

The stuff in 1) sets up the classloader system so it understands the bootstrap classloaders
The stuff in 2) "listens" for ClassLoading and registers the container as a module Handler


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