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"jBoss 5 and CXF 2.2.7"

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We have been successfully using CXF 2.2.2 and 2.2.7 on jBoss 4.3 for about 9 months.  Works beautifully on jBoss 4.3.  It is simply a question of dropping the jars for cxf and its dependencies on our 'library' SAR where we put all open source libraries.  Some of our apps absolutely require the NTLM authentication support included in 2.2.7.

jBoss 5 (EAP in our case, equivalent to the normal 5.1) includes CXF 2.2.2 but does not officially fully support it.  Unfortunately, that seems worse than not including it at all.  When I tried to deploy the 2.2.7 and a CXF-aware application in the same way as we did on jBoss 4.3, it drove jBoss nuts.  CPU utilization went to 100% and jBoss ceased to function.  We ended up having to reboot windows.  My guess that the problem was caused by a conflict between CXF 2.2.7 and the 2.2.2 version included in jBoss.

Are we stuck with jBoss 4.3 and will have to wait until jBoss 5 gets an updated (2.2.7 or higher) and supported version of CXF?  Or has somebody been successful at using a version of CXF higher than 2.2.2 on jBoss 5?  Any hints would be greatly welcomed.


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