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Wed Apr 28 06:56:07 EDT 2010

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"Is the simple fork/join with async execution paths broken in jBPM 4.0"

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Thanks for your answer! I have now found the time to try out your example project. Both scenarios worked.

However, I used the Job Executor to execute jobs, while you execute them programmatically. In my previous test I also had test activities that executed for some time, not just printing a line to stdout. I apologize for not attaching the full source code of my example from the start!

When I modified your test project to use the Job Executor, and having activities that execute for a while, X0504Exclusive2Test failed in the same way as my own test project. The Join activity is started three times, but the End activity is never started. I attach my modified project with this post.

One difference you can notice is that when you use the Job Executor, the activities are executed by different threads. When you execute jobs programmatically, the activities are actually executed in sequence by the main thread, even though you have specified in the process that they should be executed in parallel. I attach log files from the two different runs as well.

Regards, Johan


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