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"jBoss 5 and CXF 2.2.7"

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> Bruno Melloni wrote:
> The hanging and 100% CPU issue came from some problem with the native components service.bat.  For some reason, even though run.bat loads the memory settings from run.conf correctly, when service.bat calls run.bat... the memory settings aren't loaded from run.conf and the server runs out of memory, causing all of the issues. 
> I couldn't figure out why or how to fix it "the right way", but I hacked run.bat to force the parameters into the call to startup jBoss... and the issue went away.

You might want to create a JBAS jira for this, if there's a problem with service.bat script for windows, that could be fixed.

> I will be testing the web service soon.  If you don't see a further post from me you can assume that cxf 2.2.7 works fine on jBoss 5.
Thanks. Btw, I assume you're not using JBossWS-CXF, but actually directly deploying Apache CXF on JBossAS, right?
You might want to consider using the JBossWS integration (JBossWS-CXF) for future applications.
Currently you need to manually install JBossWS-CXF on top of JBossAS, as it comes with the JBossWS-Native stack installed by default instead (at least for now).


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