[jboss-user] [jBPM] - Joining of non-concurrent decision paths seems to be broken in 4.4

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Mon Aug 9 15:28:00 EDT 2010

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"Joining of non-concurrent decision paths seems to be broken in 4.4"

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Hi guys,

the issue is not related to nested forks, in fact it is caused by too many joins compared to fork. As you can see first join that is used to merge executions that where split by decision activity is not aware that there will be any other join later on. When execution arrives to it, join is completed based on the multiplicity attribute and ends any other not joined paths.

You could change your process definition to remove join1 and point all to join2 and set multiplicity attribute on it to 2, that would probably work just fine. 

I agree that a good practice would be to use gateways to join exclusive paths but it looks to me (correct me if I am wrong) that somehow we are mixing two types of gateways here - exclusive at the beginning and then parallel.

This feature was introduced to make sure we are not going to leave any orphans when join is completed.

Let me know what do you think about it.



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