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"Deferring instance creation/injection to CDI"

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You're right about the creation of the instantiatior instance, but it's still a globally-defined bean and the problem, the way I see it, is that you can't have every single deployment replace the global "org.jboss.ejb3.BeanInstantiator" bean for two reasons: a) not every EJB3 deployment is a CDI deployment
and b) Weld bean instantiators need to be created per-deployment unit (as the info they need for instantiating
a particular EJB is specific to the deployment archive that the EJB is defined in).

But now that I'm looking at this again, I have trouble finding an easy way of having a deployment-specific BeanInstantiator being created by the MC and passed onto the EJB3Deployment, since the latter is not an MC bean itself. So I'll try to solve this from within weld-int, but I'm a bit wary of deployer ordering issues.


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