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"How to share session between web service calls?"

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Hi ,

I am using Jboss CXF for development.

I would like to maintain session state across web service calls.

>From CXF client stubs you can maintain session state but it holds only for calls made from that specific client proxy(say CP1). If i want to maintain the same session state across client proxies there is no straight forward way in CXF.

I was able to use HttpConduit and get cookies from it and copy it before next invocation. Something like:

HTTPConduit conduit1 = (HTTPConduit)ClientProxy.getClient(p1).getConduit(); HTTPConduit conduit2 = (HTTPConduit)ClientProxy.getClient(p2).getConduit(); conduit2.getCookies().putAll(conduit1.getCookies());

Can some one tell me if there is a better way of acheiving this using a configuration change than using copying cookies?



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