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"JBoss JMS standalone GUI tool for beginners showing queues and messages"

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When we (InterCommit.nl) started using JBoss Messaging, we needed a simple standalone tool providing an overview (via a GUI) of the queues and the number of messages on/through those queues. This information is available in JBoss, but getting this information and displaying it in an overview was not straightforward. A similar thing applies for viewing messages on a queue and creating messages for a queue.

The attached zip-file contains the tool "ICIT JMS Monitor" which does all this and the included source code (LGPL) can provide beginners insight in how to get basic JMS tasks done. A readme is included in the zip-file. Installing and running is as simple as unzipping and starting icitjmsmon.bat/sh.

No need to configure anything, all required libraries are included. Provide the JBoss AS hostname and click Connect - that's it. This was also the reason we started developing this "run-click-go" tool, other tools (like HermesJMS) proved to be too cumbersome.

The ICIT JMS Monitor shows:
- the JMS queues in JBoss AS
- per queue:
  - the number of messages processed
  - amount processed in the last few seconds
  - amount processed over a period of 1 minute
  - peak values for messages processed
With the ICIT JMS Monitor you can:
- deploy a queue
- browse messages on a queue
- view a message on a queue
- delete a message from a queue
- create a text or Object message and send it to a queue
- create and send messages in bulk (amount of messages and delay between sending can be specified)

The tool also shows which libraries are required on the client/tool-side to connect to JBoss AS and it shows how basic security (username/password) can be implemented. Both can take a long time to figure out if you are a beginning JBoss JMS programmer.

Happy messaging.


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