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"Unable to override JNDI name for session bean"

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Did this ever get resolved? I am having similar issues.

1) I have EJB2.x beans.
2) I have converted them to EJB3 by adding the EJB3 Schema information to the ejb-jar.xml file. (I need to use interceptors).
3) The JBoss.xml jndi-name is ignored and the home interface is bound to the EarName/EJBName/home location in the global JNDI.
4) If I leave the ejb-jar.xml at the 2.1 version schema the simple jndi-name is used and my app works file but once I use the ejb 3 file header for the ejb-jar.xml file jndi is no longer valid.

How do you fix this? I have 1000's of lines of code that reference our EJB's in the original locations. Also we publish an external API for our customers to use and they likewise will have much code that expects the home interface for these EJB's to be bound in their original location.

Please help!


Todd Flora
Senior Developer
Power Costs Inc.


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