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"How to : http://server.com:7080/ to http://server.com/uri/"

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I am for the first time using JBoss AS, because the application I need to use uses JBoss as the container.

The application is already up and running, and can be accessed via  http://server.com:7080 http://server.com:7080. Subsequently all functions are represented in the URL :
 http://server.com:7080/signin.html http://server.com:7080/signin.html
 http://server.com:7080/abc.do http://server.com:7080/abc.do
 http://server.com:7080/xxxxxx.do?zzz= http://server.com:7080/xxxxxx.do?zzz=

My ultimate goal is to integrate this application into our Apache2 via proxy, which is already up and running. All applications are to be accessed via  https://www.com/ https://www.com/<nameofapp>/

In this JBoss's case, I need to configure the things so that it can be accessed via :
 https://www.com/tyui/ https://www.com/tyui/

The above URLs will become :
 https://www.com/tyui/signin.html https://www.com/tyui/signin.html
 https://www.com/tyui/abc.do https://www.com/tyui/abc.do
 https://www.com/tyui/xxxxxx.do?zzz= https://www.com/tyui/xxxxxx.do?zzz=

I have read through the following article "JBoss Integration with Apache 2.0" @  http://community.jboss.org/thread/91986 http://community.jboss.org/thread/91986?tstart=0, but I don't think it is relevant since I only have 1 JBoss instance.

Can someone give me a pointer on how to configure JBoss? Basically JBoss need to be told that the URL is now /tyui, instead of at the root. I hope to simply use the following in Apache2 config files :

ProxyPass /tyui  http://server.com:7080/tyui http://server.com:7080/tyui retry=5
ProxyPassReverse /tyui  http://server.com:7080/tyui http://server.com:7080/tyui

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