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"jbpm 4.4: sub-process in foreach: howto modify business key"

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we are using the new foreach-node within our model to start a sub-process for each message in a list. The sub-process falls into a waiting state (with a set timeout). Each message in a list can be identified by a business key containing two values (person-id + contract-id). The (simplified) model is as follows:

<foreach g="493,601,48,48" name="foreach" var="message.incomingSingleMessages">    <transition g="10,-7" name="to sub: process single messages" to="sub: process single message"/></foreach>
<sub-process g="430,707,169,52" name="sub: process single message" sub-process-key="ProcessSingleMessage">   <transition g="-76,-7" name="to end foreach" to="end foreach"/></sub-process>
<join g="491,789,48,48" name="end foreach" multiplicity="#{message.incomingSingleMessages}">    <transition g="-170,-9" name="to map success message response" to="map success message response"/></join>

Now it might happen that while one sub-process is in the defined waiting state, a message with the same business key is created. We would like to either delete the waiting state or modify it rather than creating another new sub-process. However, we do not know how to find the corresponding waiting execution of the previous sub-process to signal it.

What we accomplished till now is the following. Within the sub-process right after the 'start'-node, we figure out, whether a sub-process already exists. In that case, we modify the message that waits and finish the sub-process. We use the following code for this.

// collect waiting jobsfinal JobQuery jobQuery = this.managementService.createJobQuery().timers();for (final Job job : jobQuery.list()){     // get Process from job     ProcessInstance process = executionService.findProcessInstanceById(job.getExecution().getId());     final Execution exec = job.getExecution();     // get Variable name     final Message oldMessage = (Message) this.executionService.getVariable(exec.getId(), "message");     if (oldMessage.getPersonId() == message.getPersonId() 
             &amp;&amp; oldMessage.getContractId() == message.getContractId())
         // modify old message


The better solution would be to directly transition to the currently waiting sub-process by embedding the business key (personId + contractId) in the sub-process' id and simply try to find the waiting sub-process.

Has somebody an idea of how to accomplish this?

Thank you very much.


PS: If more or detailed information is needed, I'll provide them.

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