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"Re: mixing EJB2.1 with EJB3, datasource is down"

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the DS file works fine if I use only the EJB2.1 project or use only the new EJB3 JAR in the deploy directory.

ds file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!-- The Hypersonic embedded database JCA connection factory config
$Id: sybase-ds.xml,v 1.2 2010/05/26 12:18:11 kianko Exp $ -->


      <!-- The jndi name of the DataSource, it is prefixed with java:/ -->
      <!-- Datasources are not available outside the virtual machine -->

      <!-- for tcp connection, allowing other processes to use the hsqldb
      database. This requires the org.jboss.jdbc.HypersonicDatabase mbean.
      <!-- for totally in-memory db, not saved when jboss stops. 
      The org.jboss.jdbc.HypersonicDatabase mbean is unnecessary
      <!-- for in-process db with file store, saved when jboss stops. The
      org.jboss.jdbc.HypersonicDatabase is unnecessary

      <!-- The driver class -->
      <!-- The login and password -->

      <!--example of how to specify class that determines if exception means connection should be destroyed-->

      <!-- this will be run before a managed connection is removed from the pool for use by a client-->
      <!--<check-valid-connection-sql>select * from something</check-valid-connection-sql> -->

      <!-- The minimum connections in a pool/sub-pool. Pools are lazily constructed on first use -->

      <!-- The maximum connections in a pool/sub-pool -->

      <!-- The time before an unused connection is destroyed -->
      <!-- NOTE: This is the check period. It will be destroyed somewhere between 1x and 2x this timeout after last use -->
      <!-- TEMPORARY FIX! - Disable idle connection removal, HSQLDB has a problem with not reaping threads on closed connections -->

      <!-- sql to call when connection is created -->
      <new-connection-sql>SELECT 1</new-connection-sql>

      <!-- sql to call on an existing pooled connection when it is obtained from pool 
         <check-valid-connection-sql>some arbitrary sql</check-valid-connection-sql>

      <!-- example of how to specify a class that determines a connection is valid before it is handed out from the pool

      <!-- Whether to check all statements are closed when the connection is returned to the pool,
           this is a debugging feature that should be turned off in production -->

      <!-- Use the getConnection(user, pw) for logins

      <!-- Use the security domain defined in conf/login-config.xml -->

      <!-- Use the security domain defined in conf/login-config.xml or the
           getConnection(user, pw) for logins. The security domain takes precedence.

      <!-- Add this depends tag if you are using the tcp connection url

   <!-- This mbean should be used only when using tcp connections. Uncomment
   when the tcp based connection-url is used. -->


10x, Kobi

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