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Hi Alexander

Did you ever get an answer to your question?

I have been facing a similar problem. We have an MDB without transaction support that calls a SLSB with BMT. For a long time we've been struggling with the SLSB just seeming to stop execution without throwing any exceptions or otherwise indicating an error. The method called on the SLSB results in sql that last for more than an hour.

At first we had JDBC transactions handle the commit and it seemed to work for the sql but for some reason the SLSB just seemed to stop its execution. Then we read a post indicating that JDBC transacdtions weren't that reliable and this would certainly account for a driver deciding to close a connection without a warning. Consequently we switched to JTA

Althout we programatically set TransactionTimeout to zero, equalling no timeout; on commit we caught arjuna exception indicating the connection to be inactive. After fiddling with the global JTA and setting it to 7200 seconds the long running sql statement executes and commits without exceptions.

This strongly suggests that the global transaction timeout in jboss-service.xml not only sets the default timeout for all JTA transactions also sets the value as the upper limit for all JTA transactions, regardless of what has been programatically set.

There must be someone out there that knows the truth  :)  and I would very much like to know what's right and wrong to this matter.

Best regards
Mads M Andersen

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