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"More JBoss-AS 5 clusters and more Apache Virtual Hosts"

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: I have configured two JBoss5-AS clusters (cluster1 and cluster2), which are running on two (Linux) servers. Each cluster contains a number of instances
which i created on basis of the production instance (not the all instance).

When I setup a seperate Apache webserver with mod_jk, all is working perfectly. I have been reading about mod_cluster and want to implement it because
it is more versatile than mod_jk. I have successfully implement this for one named virtual host

<VirtualHost *:80>
   ServerAdmin  mailto:me at host.nl me at host.nl
   DocumentRoot /content/www.test.nl/data
   ServerName  http://www.test.nl www.test.nl
   ErrorLog logs/test-error_log
   CustomLog logs logs/test-access_log combined

   <Location /mcm>
         SetHandler mod_cluster_manager

    KeepAliveTimeout 60
    MaxKeepAliveRequests 0

    ManagerBalancerName testcluster

    ProxyPass / balancer://testcluster/
    ProxyPassReverse / balancer://testcluster/

   AdvertiseFrequency 10


(where there can be a type somewhere, because Paste doesn't seem to work here). The AdvertiseGroup address is the multicast address I started
cluster1 with (so for example ./run.sh -c cluster-node1 -g cluster1 -u ...). If I start the thing up (JBoss nodes and Apache) and I deploy an application, I can see all this in the  http://www.test.nl/mcm http://www.test.nl/mcm interface (this is in fact the minimal example named in the documentation of mod_cluster)

The trouble begins when I try to define a second Apache Virtual Host (for example   http://www.test2.nl www.test2.nl and try to attach it to cluster2 (the second cluster). First it
 doesn't seem to be possible to have two AdvertiseGroup alements here (my first hunch was to ser this to the multicast address of the second cluster).
When I try to throw the mod_cluster configuration in one (default) virtual host, it only sees one cluster (either the one behind or (if I comment
the AdvertiseGroup command), the first that becomes available

The reason that I want two seperate clusters (and not all applications in one cluster)  is that we want to administer each cluster independently of each other. Question is thus:

How to setup a multiple named virtual host configuration for apache, where each virtual host connects to a different JBoss-AS5 cluster. Can some one give
a concrete example of such a configuration ?

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