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Author  : Lucas Toledo
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I recently posted a question regarding http://community.jboss.org/message/520913#520913 since I was having problems with jboss-4.2.1.GA to generate RPC/Encoded WS requests.
The solution I found was to have jaxrpc.jar, saaj.jar and wsdl4j-1.5.1.jar files in the EAR file that I deploy to Jboss. I did not have to run Axis as a client from inside JBoss as kindly suggested. This is great and I am happy that it works. But to my embarrassment, I don't know why it works.
My question is, how does jboss know that it should use axis functionality provided on the ear file when passing the same jars to my local ws client jar does not solve the issue?
To put it differently, how does jboss know to use axis functionality for creating rpc encoded ws requests instead of using its very own jbossws functionality (which doesn't support RPC/Encoded)?
Thanks in advance.


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