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Actually third case with non-existing variables isn't that critical... If someone asks for non-existing variable in EL he gets exception and should do something about it (initiate it with some value or null). Returning null in Java is not a problem but it should be mentioned in javadoc... Now javadoc on ExecutionService.getVariable says only "retrieves a variable".
It's the second case that causes problems. Like in my test case where Java method can have null value parameters and I can't pass null variable from EL. 
For now I use simple workaround - I created resolver class and set it in process as "resolver" variable. Now I can use it in JPDL to retrieve variables that I know can be null: 
<object expr="#{resolver}" method="get">
      <arg><string value="var_name_here" /></arg>
Resolver's get method just returns executionService.getVariable


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