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That's what I proposed above. We cannot extend source matching mechanism for jar browsing ( at least I spend an hour to find extension point for that in JDT). Which means there is only way to configure "Source attachment" for jars from Server Classpath container, it is ether have a Server Runtime property which points you to zip/folder in local file system which contains sources or action/property/whatever which would help to configure it at once for all jars in server classpath container.
Current eclipse can handle zips with sources and it will be able to found and match any source inside zip, but it doesn't know how to deal with archives inside archives. This can be solved by:
1. unpacking all jars/zips with .java files after asking permission from user.
2. by configuring source lookup using lookup type injected through extension point. This look up should understand archive sources in file system and archived sources in archive.
I remember Rob mentioned plug-in in our lab component which has similar functionality and provides source lookup for *.src.zip files in selected for lookup folder. It can be adjusted to look inside *.jar files and after that we can handle looking into source archives inside selected source archive or file system. How, just by adding two types of source lookups: Eclipse's one for sources in external folder and our new one for archives in file system or archives inside archive.

Considering all above it looks doable for me 


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