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Hey guys, quick description (hopefully) and a question - 
basically I have a couple of j2ee apps which share a common piece of code ("core"). The folders are pretty much:
- core
     - classes
          - com
               - blabla
                    - someclasses.class
- app1
     - structure of an EAR
- app2
What I want is to have the apps run from app1 and app2 folder (by adding the apps "roots" in server/conf/bootstrap/profiles.xml), and, in the same time, the apps to find the classes in core/classes folder. With other container is possible using the CLASSPATH env var (in Weblogic for example), or using "Shared Libraries" (in WebSphere, libraries.xml would have a classpath pointing to the core/classes). 
Any idea how could I achieve this in JBoss? 
Appreciate any answer, 


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