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> mailto:max.andersen at jboss.com wrote:
> If your project is setup to locate sources correctly then any debug launches that refer to that project should also work - if not then please report a bug.
Forgive my ignorance, but how do I exactly setup my project to locate sources correctly?
Maybe strongly related, but by default the debugger also can't find the sources in my project itself. I'm really not doing anything special. Just a new download of Eclipse 3.5.1 Java EE edition. Installed nothing else but Jboss AS tools for that Eclipse version. Used clean new workspace. Then I created a new EAR project, added a JSF page with a backing bean. On the JSF page is basically only a h:outputText with EL referring to the bean. I put a break point in the bean and startup Jboss 5.1 via the Servers view. Load the page in my browser, the break-point hits and Eclipse/WTP/Jboss AS tools says it can't find the source of my bean.
Using the debug view I then add both the EJB and web projects to the source lookup and then it can find the source of the .java file that is directly in the project.
Is there anything I need to do in advance somewhere? It really strikes me as odd that ctrl-click just works when I create the bean, but then the debugger can't find the source after the break point hits. I tried on both my Mac at home and Ubuntu at work. A friend of my who also uses Jboss AS tools reported the same problem and also never found a solution.
Am I missing something or is this a bug? I haven't yet tried with the default generic Jboss 5.0 runtime that is bundled with WTP though, so I'll try that too to see if it differs (although I really don't like the bundled Jboss runtime, since it's only capable of doing packaged deployments).


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