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thanks Peter, I might have misread your first question "you are maintaining these statistics in static variables or ..."
The truth is that for the purpose of my question I hardly see any relevance if it's statics or singletons, since singletons (as a pattern) are implemented usually using statics. So, in any case, assuming that there is a subtle difference which I miss at this point, allow me to change the answer to your question by saying that yes, the Database class uses static variables, and is not a Singleton in a "design pattern" kind of way... Would this change your answer? 
Up to this point is pretty clear that I need separate classloaders for each EAR, and this classloader should be the one that loads the Database class (as per my example). The question remains if I can just add a folder with classes to the classpath of each app, or I still need to package them as a jar and copy them in the structure of the EAR of each app... 
thanks again


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