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> > > If your project is setup to locate sources correctly then any debug launches that refer to that project should also work - if not then please report a bug.
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> > Forgive my ignorance, but how do I exactly setup my project to locate sources correctly?
> Attach sources to jars on your projects build path, incl. the jars in the AS classpath container.
That's precisely what I do. I mean, what else is there to do?
To be really clear, what I precisely do is:
I right click on my project root, select properties and go to java build path -> Libraries. I unfold a jar file listed there, select "Source attachment" click edit, and locate the correct source jar.
Alternatively, I unfold my project root in project explorer, go to Java Resources -> Libraries and select a jar for which I want to attach the source. I then right click the jar, select properties and go to Java Source Attachment, where I click Workspace... to locate my source jar.
I figure both ways are just different means that yield the exact same end result; an entry in .classpath like:
For the jars in the AS classpath container I pretty much do the same thing as mentioned above, with the small difference that I first need to unfold "Jboss 5.1 Runtime" and then attach the source to the jars listed beneath that using properties -> Java Source Attachment again.
All of this is pretty basic and is what I've been doing for my Java SE projects in base Eclipse/JDT and in MyEclipse for years. Only in Eclipse/WTP/Jboss AS Tools that I recently started using, the debugger can't find the source after I've done the above. I can browser the source though by unfolding a jar, browsing it and then clicking on any .class file it contains. ctrl-clicking into it using the Java editor also works.
I'm using JBossTools-3.1.0.CR1 btw. If this is not the expected behavior then it seems like a bug that is basically unrelated to the topic of this thread (an easy way to attach all the Jboss AS source code for a project).


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