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> dgolovin wrote:
> I believe it is a bug, could you try to create Server using runtime definition from JBoss category ( Not JBoss Community). Then eploy your project into this server, start it in debug mode and try debug your app again. I guess it should work this time 
I did exactly that. Just to be sure, I started in a new workspace and used a new JBoss AS 5.1 instance. I added the JBoss -> JBoss v5.0 runtime (the ones that comes bundled with WTP) and deployed my simple hello world test app to it. I added a break-point in a .java file that's within the project and when it hit, I could see the source of this class as expected.
I then removed the project from the server and also manually removed the .ear file from the JBoss AS deploy directory (the standard runtime doesn't do that unfortunately).
Then I added the JBoss Community -> JBoss AS 5.1 runtime (the one from JBoss AS tools) and again deployed my simple hello world test app to it. Added the break point again, but when I hit I didn't get to see the source this time. Just the default white editor with the red "Source not found." and the single button "Edit Source Lookup Path...".
As you suggested, I inspected the lauch configuration of both servers. When I have nothing deployed to the JBoss -> Jboss v5.0 runtime, the source tab shows an entry called "Default", which contains only the base JDK jars. However, as soon as I add (publish/deploy) my project to the JBoss v5.0 runtime, the "Default" entry in the source tab contains all JBoss jars and folders for both the web module and the ejb module of my test project.
The JBoss Community -> JBoss AS 5.1 runtime however in both cases (nothing deployed to it and my test project deployed to it) shows the same standard JDK classes under "Default" and nothing else.


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