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Okay, so it works from a stateless session bean.  I am trying to use it in an entity for the primary key, which today looks like this:
@GenericGenerator(name = "system-uuid", strategy = "uuid")
public String getOrderId () {
    return orderId;
These are the Hibernate specific annotation (non-JPA) that do what I want.  I tried to replace those by injecting the key generator factory and using it in the default constructor of the entity.
So, code that looks like this:
public class Order implements Serializable {
    private static final long serialVersionUID = -5721274468042182248L;
    private String orderId;
    private long customerId;
    private Address shippingAddress;
    private BigDecimal totalOrderAmount;
    private List<OrderLine> orderLines;
    private Customer customer;
*   KeyGeneratorFactory keyGeneratorFactory;*
    public Order() {
        shippingAddress  = new Address();
        totalOrderAmount = new BigDecimal(0);
*orderId = (String) keyGeneratoryFactory.getKeyGenerator().generateKey();*
    public String getOrderId () {
        return orderId;
Is there a difference in @Resource in a stateless session bean and an entity?


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