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As I have mentioned on team calls I think there will be some problems with weld-int once we support JSR-330 annotations natively in MC. Here is a chat between me and Ales describing the problem and a half-baked idea for a way around it once I get the chance to look at it again:
[03/02/2010 16:12:03] Kabir Khan: I've had an idea about the Weld/MC/JSR330 stuff
[03/02/2010 16:12:14] Kabir Khan: Not sure if it is viable or not
[03/02/2010 16:12:38] Kabir Khan: but I think the problem is that at the moment ALL JSR 330 injection is deferred to weld
[03/02/2010 16:13:02] Kabir Khan: once we support JSR 330 in MC, the problem I foresee is distiguishing between the two
[03/02/2010 16:13:07] Ales Justin: jsr33 has no injection
[03/02/2010 16:13:12] Ales Justin: it's just a bunch of annotations
[03/02/2010 16:13:29] Kabir Khan: It defines @Inject (or whatever it is called)
[03/02/2010 16:13:37] Ales Justin: yes
[03/02/2010 16:13:45] Kabir Khan: and basically weld-int handles that
[03/02/2010 16:13:53] Kabir Khan: if we want to natively support this in MC
[03/02/2010 16:13:58] Kabir Khan: then we have a problem
[03/02/2010 16:14:07] Ales Justin: even with qualifiers?
[03/02/2010 16:14:18] Kabir Khan: yes, weld takes the whole AnnotatedType
[03/02/2010 16:14:31] Kabir Khan: which is basically all the methods etc.
[03/02/2010 16:14:40] Kabir Khan: and looks for the ones with @Inject in weld
[03/02/2010 16:15:01] Kabir Khan: so there is no clear way to distinguish between the ones from weld and the ones from MC
[03/02/2010 16:15:25] Kabir Khan: However AnnotatedType allows the use of decorators, which I already use to add qualifiers from MDR
[03/02/2010 16:15:31] Kabir Khan: e.g.
[03/02/2010 16:15:34] Kabir Khan: if I have
[03/02/2010 16:15:39] Kabir Khan: class Blah{
[03/02/2010 16:16:03] Kabir Khan:    @Inject Other other;
   @Inject THing thing;
[03/02/2010 16:16:22] Kabir Khan: and Other is not a weld bean weld will throw up
[03/02/2010 16:16:30] Kabir Khan: What I am thinking of is
[03/02/2010 16:16:44] Kabir Khan: it might be possible to fo
[03/02/2010 16:16:45] Kabir Khan: do
[03/02/2010 16:17:19] Kabir Khan: @Inject Other other;
@Inject @Weld Thing thing;
[03/02/2010 16:17:34] Kabir Khan: in an MC bean to specify that thing should come from weld
[03/02/2010 16:17:48] Kabir Khan: and other comes from MC annotations directly
[03/02/2010 16:18:02] Kabir Khan: When passing the annotated type in to weld for injection
[03/02/2010 16:18:20] Kabir Khan: the decorated annotated type could leave out things that don't have @Weld
[03/02/2010 16:18:38] Kabir Khan: Just a vague thought I had right now


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