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> Thanks I saw that. I'll probabaly use that at some point. I'm more interested in the integration code I have that interacts with the internals of the workflow engine: where GraphElement, Node, State, Transition, ExecutionContext may have gone or how they've changed?
As mentioned in some blogs (and some docs to, not sure), the way of interacting with jBPM changed a lot. Instead of knowing the internal model, you are supposed to interact with the engine through services.
> I've since figured out what happened with ActionHandler: It became ActivityBehavior. Another one: ContextInstance became ActivityExecution. 
This is only partly true. ActivityBehaviour is for implementing custom nodes (als you could in jBPM3). ActionHandlers were used in more places than this. ContextInstance can also not be 1:1 mapped toActivityExecution, but in some places it is the replacement (from my head)
> These two changes weren't too hard to sort out. The hard questions begin to arise where our use of JbpmTemplate to integrate with Spring is utterly broken because of how JBPM4 integrates with Spring. Any tips on migration here would be helpful, too.
The JbpmTemplate has been broken for several years. It has never been compatible with 3.2 and to be honest, it provided little advantage (just like at the time the HibernateTemplate provided little advantage).
Wanna use 4? Use the Spring integration provided by 4. Do *not* try to (ab)use the old spring template. Migration of this is unfortunately a manual task.


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