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What OSGi bundel did you add?

The bundle that I was adding was simply a group of interfaces and classes made by me in Eclipse and exported throught the "export plug-in and fragments" menu. Then Execution Environment: JavaSE-1.6
I don't know what extra info to give.
What is the version for org.jboss.tools.jmx.core and org.jboss.tools.jmx.ui plugins?

The actual version is : 1.1.0.v200910281724M-H247-M4
As I said, I have updated some plugins through the manager, I don't know if this was the version, when the bug happened (by the version date it seems so).
I didn't try the reinstall through the zip, because I have work to deliver, so I didn't have time, sorry.
I'a already working in another folder of Eclipse, but I maintained the old one, if you want other information.
Thanks for your time


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