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You haven't posted your complete code nor the complete exception stacktrace (i reason i keep insisting on these is because they can contain vital information). Anyway, i just gave a quick try against 3.11.0.GA version javassist:
public class NewFieldTestCase extends TestCase
   public  void testSharedInterfaceAndSuperClass() throws Exception 
      CtClass dummyClass = ClassPool.getDefault().get("org.myapp.test.javassist.Dummy");
      CtField newIntField = new CtField(CtClass.intType,"myInt",dummyClass);
      CtMethod dummyMethod = dummyClass.getDeclaredMethod("dummyMethod");
      dummyMethod.insertBefore("myInt = 10;");
      byte[] modifiedDummyClassBytes = dummyClass.toBytecode();
      assertTrue("Empty bytes", modifiedDummyClassBytes.length > 0);

Works fine. Test case passes, no exceptions thrown.


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