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I hear ya, man. I'm struggling with JBPM4 still.
We have a way to do subworkflows that work ok for us in JBPM3 (we just can't allow the subworkflow to have a wait state, pretty big limitation but we've worked around it so far). As far as transactions are concerned, we actually DO NOT want ANY persistent store because we use clustered memory that reads from hardware devices in the field. IOW the process instance runs in an environment that is not the System of Record: what's going on in the field where the hardware is the "truth" and if our process defintion blows up, we simply go back to the field to read the correct state of the system. Since we have realtime requirements, using any kind of disk database is much too slow anyway.
Alternatives? Writing a simple FSM isn't that hard, by the way. Its main purpose is to limit the amount of mutable state visible in your application. It accomplishes this by seperating what gets done from deciding what to do. What JBPM does for you on top of this is to give you all the integration and GUI tools to work with, and a community of people making it better and better.


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