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> Actually, we are not able to implement even a simple "start - execute java - catch exception - end" process; we also open a thread:
> http://community.jboss.org/thread/146114
> but we get answer only from one user and no code sample to prove something is possible to solve the problem.
First, if there already *is* another thread, there is no need to highjack another one. And the answer that user is giving is GOOD. Java exceptions should normally not come to the process level... Changing the state from exceptionhandlers was also in jBPM 3 *not advised* and not used a lot (afaik)
Code examples of how to use the suggestions made by the user are planty.. There are examples in the source, testcases etc... so...
> We are thinking to downgrade to JBPM3 or probably evaluate another product, if JBPM is going to do not handle such simple scenarios like this.
It IS handling such simple scenarios, just not like you want it. You have made just 4 posts in this forum on just ONE day and you are already complaining? May I ask why that is?
> We suspected we are facing problems because we are newbies on JBPM, but
> the lack of answers of our questions are starting to reveal deficiency
> in the JBPM.
The lack of answers???? Wow, sorry but this really surprises me... the answers to your other topic are good. Might be that you do not directly understand where they are directing you. If that is the case, ask politely and were more then willing to help. And saying that a lack of answers is revealing the real deficiency is even a bigger surprise. If that realy is your feeling in a COMMUNITY (help from peers!!!!) forum after this short period, maybe it is beter for you to find another engine and move on... Sorry...
> I hope someone here is able to give us answers to our doubts. I am
> starting to ask to myself what do you call or manage inside JBPM
> tasks...
Again, answers to what? The answers in your other topic are spot on.... And by starting to wonder what you manage inside jBPM tasks, I think you should read the basic userguide and maybe some blogs on the internet... Personally (and without wanting to offend you) I get the feeling you blame us for your (at this moment) lack of understanding of jBPM.


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