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> kukeltje ha scritto:
> handling low level exceptions like java exceptions should normally not 'bubble up' to the processlevel. In 3 it was also not adviced to change the process state runtime in exceptionhandlers... So.... Personally if there are java exeptions , I would just want them to roll back my transaction to the state it was and have a retry. What I do not get is why you would not want to wrap them in another java class but do want to handle the exeption in a certain node where you most likely need to create custom java classes per class you have. 
> How many classes are we talking about? 4? 6? 100?
> If there are many, you can always look at the implementation of JavaActivity and JavaBehaviour and create ONE custom node that does waht you want AND can direct/steer the process.... So... be creative, be patient, be polite....
Sorry if I seemed rude.
However thanks for the answer. It seems I had a wrong concept about BPM and I expected to can handle our classes directly from jBPM flow; giving credti to your answer it's now clear there are no better (other) way than handle custom classes which manage everything else (our classes including exceptions) inside them, returning state value or variables to evaluate in flow.
I still am worry about I was not able to find an example or testcase about something like this: if you are able to give us a reference, the name of an example or a link to something it can be useful for us. Obviously I am talking about something that works in JBPM4 version.
Thanks in advance


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