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Author  : Marcin M
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I am facing a serious problem, which can a blocker for us.
I have wrote a small piecie of code that builds ProcessDefintion.
ProcessDefinitionBuilder builder = ProcessDefinitionBuilder.startProcess("Hello World");
builder.startActivity(new StartActivity()).initial().transition("hello display").endActivity();
builder.startActivity("hello display", new Display("Hello")).transition("world display").endActivity();
builder.startActivity("world display", new Display("World")).endActivity();
ProcessDefinition processDefinition = builder.endProcess();
The Display class implements ActivityBehaviour and pariculary does nothing.
My setup is Spring 3.0, Spring jbpm integration, jbpm 4.2 via maven (from JBoss repository). I am looking for a way to deploy this small process, I have found several ways on wiki and forum which fail:
I donot have PvmDbSession class on my classpath (but for sure I do have pvm jars included!) + EnvironmentFactory is an interface.
The question is how to deploy ProcessDefintion that has been built by ProcessDefintionBuilder?
thanks in advance for any help


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