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> gaohoward wrote:
> My understanding is that it simulates a JCA start up in a JBoss server. This works with AS 4 lib set. Now I need this work with AS 5 too. It turned out AS 5 has changed the API. I don't know how to do it.
The code basically plugs in the JCA infrastruture MBeans for the testcase.
You can knock off the following call
mbeanServer.invoke(on, "start", new Object[0], new String[0]);

This basically was calling the startService() operation in 4.x implementation which had been doing this
 protected void startService()
           throws Exception
      tm = (TransactionManager) getServer().getAttribute(transactionManagerServiceName,

With Jboss5 we only need to set the TM which can be done by calling the
setTransactionManager() on the CachedConnectionManager implenetation, check code

The other parts are knocked off as needed for this 

So what I had pointed before should be helpful, you should knockoff the call on start() operation on the CCM in your testcase.

Also I am wondering if you really need to plugin the CCM, the CCM is used to track the connection taken by the meta-ware objects.
I am not sure if your test case need it, this is what you will have to check.

Go ahead and try the approach which I had suggested and let us know if you see red signal.


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