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peterj wrote:>  
> Where are you getting the Connection Destroyed Count? From the connection pool mbean? There is no way that that count could decrease to 0 after being set at 5, unless there is something you are not telling us. 
I flushed the connections and run the test client again - without closing the connections, which I am interested in. Even after waiting 15 minutes,  Connection Destroyed Count = 0 and all the 25 created are still in use. This is from admin-console.
> peterj wrote:
> The real value of interest, however, is the in use connection count. And what does your database say is the connection count? 
> As far as interpreting your settings, you will have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 50 connections, and if a connection is idle for 1 minute it will be closed.
The active connections are confirmed both from netstat and database. Perhaps as Jai pointd out, unclosed connections are still in use. Not recycled.


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