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> mailto:max.andersen at jboss.com wrote:
> Sorry for brining confusion - the newest WTP adapter does it the *right* way by having a good default source lookup delegate (I just didnt realize that this would actually show up in the launch configuration under the "Default").
> As Snjezana said, our AS adapter had workarounds for bugs that were  in the old  WTP Adapter which now has been fixed so the new AS adapter matches the WTP adapter in behavior for this specific thing.
Thanks a lot for this explanation. It's much clearer to me now.
> mailto:max.andersen at jboss.com wrote:
> And yes, adding AS source distribution an easier way would be good - but for that to work we need some kind of co-release with AS that has the src available so if you point to such a thing we could attach it as source automatically. My understanding was that such a thing doesn't yet exist...do you know of one ?
Personally I of course do not know of any specific way to attach all of the JBoss AS source automatically, otherwise I wouldn't have started this thread. The one thing I can think of is a way to extract all jar files found in the source distribution recursively to one location. Delete all .class files. Then use some rules of thumb to copy the source files that are distributed as .java file to this same location (e.g. find a .java file, and trace back it's root directory to anything starting with .com, .org, etc.). 
After having done that, jar anything again so you have one huge jboss51-src.jar. Write a small Eclipse plug-in that iterates over all jar files exposed by the JBoss AS runtime and attach this jboss51-src.jar to it.
It's rather hacky, but maybe this would work.
> mailto:max.andersen at jboss.com wrote:
> My best bet is that AS 6 should have maven artifacts for all its .jars so this should be much easier done for that.
> That of course leaves the question what to do for AS 4 and AS 5
Just having the ability for AS 6 would already be a major step forward and would be much welcomed! Indeed, AS 4 and AS 5 users would still be in the dark, but if the trade-of is between having no automatic source attachment at all or having it only for AS 6, then the latter would definitely be the way to go IMHO.


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