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Author  : Ben Cotton
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I was able to sucessfully deploy your WMQTestMDB.java MDB to my JBoss AS 5.1  instance and confirm that this MDB executed immediately upon my sending a test message to my WSMQ destination 'TEST.QUEUE'.
I did this by doing the following
1.  Modify your WMQTestMDB.java source to indicate my WSMQ instance ('hostName' and 'queueManager' property values changed)
2.  Build a .jar (file name = JBossMessagingForum.jar) to deploy to my JBoss AS 5.1 instance (this .jar is attached to this post)
3.  cp JBossMessagingForum.jar $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy/
4.  confirm from the JBoss server log file that the deploy had no errors/exceptions and that EJB 'WMQTestMDB' started
5.  From the IBM Websphere MQ Explorer application, right clicked on the 'TEST.QUEUE' object and selected the 'Put Test Message' menu item
6.  Sent a "Hello World" text message to TEST.QUEUE
7.  Confirmed from the JBoss server log file that the MDB consumed the 'Hello World' message
All this worked without error, I am not exactly sure why your MDB deployment did not work for you.
As a possible test, maybe you can take the attached .jar and re-try steps 1 through 7 above?


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