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Author  : Ronald van Kuijk
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> nick.bauman wrote:
> *At this time we have decided to back off the migration*, deeming it too much risk...<snip>...But in the final analysis, because v4 is different enough from v3, we are now opening up the playing field at looking at other BPM workflow solutions in Java, including rolling our own.
You are always free to make this choice. What does make me wonder though is how you asses the risk of something different but existint (jbpm 3 vs 4) in relation to something none existing. I've seen in my previous job that often the choice was made to role something ourselves (themselves I should say since I never supported it). Some time later it almost always backfired in multiple ways. And migrating from jBPM3 to another BPM solution almost certainly as difficult as migrating to jBPM4.

> This note isn't to be taken as a knock against JBPM4. This is more about the confluence of timing, opportunity, reward and risk in our own world.
I understand I think... Well I understand it is not a knock against jBPM4, but in line with my previous remark, I do not understand. Why not 'just' continue with jBPM 3, maybe even extend it? A Basic FSM is indeed not difficult to develop, but adding all kinds of things around it, makes it more and more complex (have experience in this area with a workflow and forms solution)
So I am truly honestly, openly interested in the ++/+/0/-/-- lists/ Balanced scrore card/SWOT-analysis leading to this without wanting to lure you back :-)


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