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Lots of suggestions have been made and you seem to put them in two categories
The first one is that you seem to see part of them as the complete solution and reject them because in your opinion they do not work. The only correct conclusion is that as a complete sollution they do not work. As a basis for doing some investigation in they are good though. E.g.for how to implement a different forms solution in the console, the freemarker template forms implementation is *great*
The second category is the 'not investigated'. E.g. my suggestion to add eventlisteners to a task node (a *wait*-state!) where you can send events to via the 'fire' method on the execution (yes, which you currently have to cast to ExecutionImpl) has not had any attention from you besides 'how should the form definition look like'.... I could have said: "Yes that looks ok IF you implement your own forms frontend to do something with it". That would probably not helped you a lot. I could have worked out a fullblown example (which I still would like to do if you hire me for €100 per hour for 1 week (40h)) or something in between, for which I do not have the time.
So your conclusion that jBPM does not support handling user actions is not correct. It does not handle useractions in a way you want it to. And it does not handle them directly like e.g. jsf backing beans do. Simply because interactions (e.g. jsf pageflow like things) are very different to business processes. The freemarker forms does not support any kind of pageflow, simple because user very often have their own ui frontend and interact with the jbpm api directly (just like behind the scenes the freemarker forms solution does, hint, hint) or like in so many testcases
Using the jBPM api from any javaclass related to any webframework is not very different to using e.g. jpa from that same java class. So please give the eventlisteners on java tasks a try if you really want to declare those user actions in the java task.


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