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Author  : Alex Malex
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Imagine the situation - You have a state of "Registration". When you log into this state the process should add the event in the history of the document. In this state the process can return. the events of history should not be duplicated and for this reason we divide this state into two states - "pre-registration" and "registration". In a state of "pre-registration" we create the event handler that will add an event in history. And in the state of "registration" we go back - when we want. So when we go into the "pre-registration" we should automatically slipped into "registration".
I can do this by sending a signal to the process - but this is not a good solution - send 2 times the signal (1 for enter to "pre-registration" ans second for go to "registration"). There is only one solution - make block "pre-registration" - "java" or "custom" with one transition by default. But in these blocks, I must define a Java class. But I do not have Java class - I want create only event handler. 


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