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> atijms wrote:
> > mailto:max.andersen at jboss.com wrote:
> >  The set of *.jars added automatically is based on user input
> Do you mean with "user input" that you ask the community about which jars they would like to see added to the list of jars automatically put on the classpath by the server adapter? Or do you mean the user has to provide some input (e.g. clicking, modifying some config file)?
I was talking about community input since we unfortunately do not have a server adapter that allows configurable classpath setup ( I got it on my wishlist though )
> JSTL.jar is indeed a notoriously missing one. It's a part of the Java EE spec, so it seems this one should definitely be present. I assume not much projects have Java dependencies on this one, but the thing is that it also contains the JSTL *.tld files. Currently every JSP page in one of our projects that uses the JSTL tags is now flagged as containing an error.
Create a jira with the details - then it will be picked up.


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