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Author  : carlos mauricio jaramillo henao
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I have the  following case:

I have a task JAVA that makes a  transition decisions that evaluates a condition. If the condition is met the process  continues its normal flow, but marks the process should move to a new  transition state to do the task Java but after waiting 5 minutes

It is possible to model  this scenario??? I  have some other configuration in the timer???
<java class="com.configuracion.dao.ReposicionDao" g="605,23,107,54" method="verificarCarguePorReposicion" name="verificar cargue" var="verificarCargue">
        <arg><object expr="#{resReposicion}"/></arg>
        <arg><object expr="#{caf}"/></arg>
        <transition to="decisionCargue"/>
   <decision g="876,26,48,48" name="decisionCargue">
        <handler class="com.configuracion.eventos.DecisionCargueCaf" />
        <transition g="999,51:-16,27" name="fin" to="fin seguimiento"/>
        <transition g="900,102;657,102:-26,-19" name="esperar" to="esperar"/>
   <state name="esperar" g="98,46,127,52">
        <transition to="verificar cargue" g="-43,-16">
              <timer duedate="5 minutes" /> 


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