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You posted two things: #1 - an error stack trace and #2 - the deployment report (yes, after the deployment report there is another error tsack trace regarding looking up "queue", but we will ignore that for now.)
First, I have no idea how you got the error statck trace (item #1). There is no file that need to be changed to convert from Hypersonic to Oracle that would result in such a message. This tells me that you changes more things than what need to be changed.
Second, the deployment report (#2) rarely gives any clues as to why the deployment failed, only that it did. There should be excpetion stack traces (other than item #1) that appear earlier that will explain what happened.
At this point, I would like for you to start from scratch. That is, get a clean install of JBoss AS. Make sure it runs without any issues. Then I want you to deploy your oracle-ds.xml file. Make sure that you change the <jndi-name> entry to be something other than DefaultDS. No NOT remove hsqldb-ds.xml - for now we will run with both databases. Then write a simple servlet that gets a database connection and performs some query. Deploy and run that servlet. If you run into errors, post the source code for the servlet, the orcale-ds.xml file and any stack traces that show up in the console log. (Make sure that you have a suffiently large buffer in your Command Prompt - I set mine to 9000 lines. You don;t want any lines scrolling off of the buffer.)
If all of that works, let me know and we will then attempt to replace Hypersonic with Oracle.
Oh, and answer this question: will you be using messaging?


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